Saturday, February 12, 2011


So tomorrow will be indoor tri number 2 of the year. I will be there setting up a PowerBar table to sample product/talk about nutrition to the athletes, but also jump in the race and see what I can do. I am hoping for a decent bike (tough to do on the indoor gym bike) and run a solid 15 min. Straight from the race, I'll be packing up the car and off to Naples, FL for the National Sales Meeting for Nestle. I look forward to meeting up with my work colleagues and getting out of the bitter cold. Although...these past few days it is starting to warm up. And by warm up it is above 30! So things are looking good. In terms of the weight loss goal, I hit a new low of the year at 136 (which is lighter than I've been in over 2 years). I still have a few weeks to get it down, so I'm looking forward to seeing the low 130's!

In other news....I will once again be racing for the USPro Tri Team for the 2011 season. We have a stacked team full of very successful athletes. We have some great sponsors and I'm proud to say I'll be aboard the Planet X Exocet Tri bike as well as the ProCarbon Sl road bike. Hopefully the road bike will get some use in Spain (hoping to qualify for Du Worlds for the US). In addition, we will be rolling Planet X race wheels, Profile Design cockpits/wetsuits, and custom Champ-Sys tri gear. I'm looking forward to a great year and can't wait to get things rolling!

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