Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Design

So if anyone still visits this website...

You noticed that I've changed things around a little bit. To start, at the top you will see a graph. The graph is from my Withings Wi-Fi scale..this thing is awesome. It connects wirelessly through my home wi-fi signal. Everytime I step on it, it transmits my vital stats to an online account. Then it puts up a graph with points of everytime I've weighed in. I figure putting up this graph, I will be a little more determined to get the weight off and into top shape. The heaviest I was dated back to early January when I was at a whopping 148 lbs. Granted, that was right after I got off a week long cruise, but still no excuse to ever be that heavy. The past few days I've been at 138 so it is a good start. I'm going to continue to have that chart up at the top as a constant reminder of how I'm doing. Maybe once I hit my goal weight I'll take it down as then there will be no point. It will just (hopefully) be a flat line of steady weight.

I also changed some colors, the design, and layout of the blog. Hopefully I'll keep up with this as I have always enjoyed going back and reading about the adventures. I am also hoping that I will get a race schedule up soon. I'm in the midst of plotting out races. There won't be as many this year. I'll be at events every weekend though so keep an eye out for me and pick up some samples.

Now time get to work!

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