Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Layout

So as you all can see, I changed things up a little bit on the blog. I was just going for a new change and look. You can also see that on the right hand side there is a list of my 2009 sponsors:

Leopard Cycles (save 10% on your next order with the code: RGIUL-S)

TrainingBible Coaching

Dick Pond Athletics (Saucony)

ZYM Electrolyte Drink

Well-Fit Elite Triathlon Team


I am waiting on a few more pending sponsorships, but I believe that with the lineup that I currently have, I will be ready to rock and roll this season. From the new Saucony racing flats/training shoes, Saucony running gear, Leopard racing bike, Nurtrition from PowerBar and ZYM, training from Well-Fit and TrainingBible, and gear from will be set to go. I will have a picture of all my gear lined up once I have it all in.

In other news, I began my training with Well-Fit Triathlon and Training. I swim every Monday night with Sharone and several members of the Elite team working on form and drills. I have already noticed an improvement in my swimming and have continued to swim 5-6 days of the week (which is a big improvement for me). I will continue to add distance and swim sessions and time progresses. I do not want to jump right in and start swimming 9 sessions a week (it'd be stupid and I'd just get hurt). So I have been doing around 2800-3500 meters each session and is a good start. I'll keep everyone posted on the swim improvements.

For biking, I have been riding a lot more than in past years. I love my Powermeter and it has definitely improved my knowledge on the bike. I know exactly how hard to go on recovery rides along with the intense rides. Speaking of hard is my 4th Tabata interval session:

Looking at the newest entry into the Tabata Intervals...I broke into the 1000's for wattage! It was nice to see the improvement once again on this set. The rest of the intervals also increased..and one thing very notable is that last (6th) interval was higher than my 1st one on my initial test day! So there are definite improvements being made. I have taken 1.5 weeks off of Tabatas but will be performing the test again sometime this week. I have a feeling I will see some more improvements.

Also in the cycling news, I participated in a 'Galena Time Trial' effort at the Well-Fit training center last weekend. I went into the time trial with the mindset that I would just push hard, but not all out. I knew from my training that I could manage an effort of 270 watts for an hour. The Galena Triathlon course is one brutal test of strength and endurance. There isn't really a flat section on the course, but it definitely is a power boosting course. I made sure to start the time trial nice and easy (around 230 watts) so that I could get stronger as I went through it. I had a fun time on the computrainer and ended up with the fastest time of the day and an average of over 270 watts. My total ride was only 42 minutes, so I can definitely go harder. It was a good effort, but not a maximal one. I am aiming for a 300 watt average in my 40k races this we shall see how that plays out. I think that with the continued riding and tough workouts, I will be there before I know it.

As for running..I haven't been on top of it too much. My running has always been my strength and therefore I have concentrated on my 'weak' disciplines this winter. I am only averaging about 20 miles a week, but I still feel that I have some speed and endurace. I race a 15 min effort last weekend and got 3 miles in (so 5min/mile). It was a nice effort and was on a small 150 meter track at the end of an indoor triathlon. So my legs were trashed from the bike..but I still managed to pull that time out. Once the season starts to roll around, I will start running more and focus on some speed.

Well, I will update again soon. Check back and I should have some more info on the upcoming season. Make sure to check out my main page: for more info. I should continue to update it with my schedule, about me section, and pictures!

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