Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I know you all are dying to know how my next set of tabata intervals went....well here it is: (click on the chart to see a full size)

Noticable points to make: My first interval was lower than last time (940 watts vs. 1020). For this set, I was riding my trainer on soft thick carpet. I noticed that as I did the first interval, my bike and trainer were rocking A LOT. I think this was because the carpet was so soft and the trainer was sinking in and moving around a lot. This probably made a slight difference compared to a harder ground with less movement going on. Although the first interval was a little low, my 2nd-6th intervals were great. I was able to almost hit over 800 for all of them! I felt that I was able to put out a good amount of power without the same fatigue that I had in the previous sessions. I unfortunetely did not wear my heart rate monitor and therefore did not know what my max was for the workout. I could tell though that it took a lot less out of me compared to previous sessions. I think its a great indication that my power and overall fitness is improving. Hopefully I will be able to start to hit over 1000 watts for the first 1-3 intervals and get the last three into the 800-900 range. This should be attainable if the trend keeps going the way it has been! For the whole workout today I warmed up for 30 minutes with a few short hard efforts, did the tabata intervals, and finished off the ride with 1.5 hours of smooth riding at 210 watts. I felt great during the workout and got in a total of 2 hours on the trainer.

Another plus was that for the last 1.5 hours I was able to play 'ToeJam and Earl' with my bro Jason on the wii. Anyone remember that game? It was originally for Sega Genesis. But anyways, it took my mind off of the riding and made the time go quickly. Only bad part was that we both died and the game ended prematurely. Maybe next time.

Well, now I'm off to get in a solid run and try to start boosting my run milage now. Keep trainin'!


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