Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weight Updates

So the weight has been stayin' pretty steady the last 1.5 weeks. Not losing, but not really gaining. I think it is getting pretty hard to lose much more weight, so I think I have found where I should be. I am hoping to drop those last few pesky pounds but am not going to cut drastically. Just have to take my time and keep trying to get healthy meals in/staying away from those empty calories. I still have time before the season really begins. Overall, I'm pretty happy where I am at..going from 148 down to 133.

I'll keep the weight loss tracker at the top of the page, but keep in mind I am not hoping on the scale every day. I try to get on it around 1-2 x per week.

I will also have to do a write-up of what has been going on lately...importantly the overall results of the indoor tri season as well as my 1st FTP test of the year!!

Thanks for checking in

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We vote Quarq! :-)