Saturday, February 26, 2011

Training Grounds

I just took a quick video (with my sweet new iPod touch that Nestle gave to its employees). It was pretty neat snapping a video and sending it straight to youtube. Anyways the video is to show my new set-up of where I train. I was riding the computrainer without any computer hookup until today. I finally got a little section set aside to ride courses and do workouts. It works perfectly for brick / combination workouts of switching between the bike and I only need a treadmill that goes over 12 mph! As a side note...I know I sound verrrrry excited in the video, I tried to show how excited I was about my setup :) (sarcasm). Maybe in another video I'll bring up the excitement factor a notch.

So check it out..maybe I'll start posting a few more videos here or there. I'll be setting up PowerBar at the final indoor triathlon of the MITCS series tomorrow. I'll attempt to capture some video/ we all know those are much more exciting than reading plain ole text.

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