Monday, April 4, 2011

Home Team Charity

As another update...I ran a 10k yesterday with the plan to take it easy (while trying to win). The winner of the race gets to throw out the opening pitch to the White Sox game while also getting tickets to a Bulls and Blackhawks game with VIP treatment. Not a bad prize! So I got to the race and went out with the lone leader. The first mile was a 5:10...which was a surprise. I honestly felt like I was jogging. I stuck right behind the leader hitting each mile in about 5:15-5:20. It was awesome running with no effort and knowing I would have a huge kick. At mile 5, I was at 26:15. I took off to open a lead and ran mile 5-6 in 4:48. I cruised it in to finish first with a time of 32:15. The course was slightly long at 6.3 miles as well. I know that I can be 30:xx in an open 10k. I have been waiting a while to feel like this (running quickly without the struggle!). The past few years, I would really have trouble holding a 5:15 pace, but not anymore!

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Tri-Atch-Lon said...

I can't wait to see you throw a wild pitch at the White Sox game.. o man I hope you've been practicing with that pitching arm.