Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Real quick post here....but I just wanted to put in a quick update about my 2010 season and supporters.

Things shaped up really well as I was working out a few details with companies late in the year. Just when I least expected it, Ryan Bates, of the USPro Tri Team sent me a message stating that there was an opening to be part of the team. I have been wanting to be part of this team for a while now as it is a close knit group of top elite triathletes. I immediately signed on with the team and can't wait to race with these guys.

My season got off to a rough start for the team as I participated in Powerman Alabama as part of the US Pro Duathlon National Championships. A week before the race I came down with a sickness that lingered for quite some time and took its toll on me during the race. I barely was able to finish and was immediately in the med tent hooked up to an IV. Still managed to hang tough through the race and finish 10th, but definitely not the finish I was expecting/hoped for.

I know my fitness is in a good place right now and will make some huge leaps soon. I will post a race recap of not only Powerman AL, but also the March Madness 1/2 Marathon that I was able to win for a 3rd straight year.

Next up is a small but highly competitive 5k this weekend. First big race will be the FL 70.3 where I'll toe the line with top Pros from around the world!!

Take a look at the right hand side of the page for all my great sponsors for 2010. I'll be posting pics of all my gear soon. I was definitely hooked up and can't wait to put it all to great use.

Thanks again to all the support of USPro Tri! Check our team page out at to learn more about the team and what we are up to!

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