Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some Pics from the Race!

Just wanted to share a few pictures from this past weekends race. Overall, it was a great race, and I would definitely go back next year!

To start the photos off...I wanted to put a few sequenced slides in. The story behind it is that my dad decided that he was going to sprint all out into the finish of the 5k. Apparently everyone in the stands was laughing at him because he was making crazy head movements and running as fast as he could just to beat the kid in front of him. Check it out..

The sprint to the finish:

Good form of leaning forward to get across first:
Annnnnd...success. Well, actually I am not sure who's chip registered first:

The start of the half marathon, I ran alone most of the way.

I was freeeeeezing. Next time I'd go with long sleeves and gloves. You could tell by my red nose and face that I was a little chilled...

Pretty cool shot of me coming into the stadium for the finish with the JumboTron in the background. What a perfect day!

Annnnd finished. Too bad I made a wrong turn during the race or maybe I would've been able to get a new half marathon PR. I'll save it for the Palos Half coming up in a few weeks:

The start of Jacqui's Half marathon journey:

Lookin' smooth and strong!

Still flyin'!

My crazy brother Jerry running the half. He made it through just fine and wasn't even that sore the next day! This pic is from the News Gazette!

Alex comin' into the finish of the 5k..he's so little

And Jason finished just ahead of him. They are both running a youth mile next weekend so that will be fun to watch!

And that is about it. I will try to update a lil more frequently. The season is starting to kick into full grind so there will be many more race updates! Hope everyone's training has been going well!

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