Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rest of Disney Trip!

So after the Florida 70.3 race...it was time for some fun! I mean, we are in DisneyWorld, why should we just head back home? Later that night my girlfriend Jacqui flew into Orlando from Mississippi because she was at a wedding so I picked her up and we headed out for the night.

The next day was fulllll of adventure. We coudln't decide which park we wanted to tackle since there were so many great things at each one so we ended up thinking that waking up early and going to three parks in one day would be the best option. We started off with Epcot, then went to Hollywood Studios, and finished it all off with none other than Magic Kingdom. The best part about all of this was that the parks were empty! We were able to get on all of the rides and adventures pretty quickly which allowed us to navigate through the parks pretty easily. If you go to Disney anytime after the end of May...watch out. There are people everywhere and you'd be lucky to get a few rides done at just one park. So from now on...no more Disney after mid May! It was so much more relaxing being able to walk through a park without squeezing through the crowds and having my head stuffed under a sweaty man's armpit!

Here are a few pics from the parks:

The next day we headed over to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure. It was really nice because a few years back I went there with my mom and little brothers and won free tickets to come back! I entered a Fear Factor Live challenge and ended up winning, so I had 4 free park tickets which ended up coming in handy for the day! Since we had free park tickets, we ended up buying a Fast Pass card which allowed us to go to the front of all the rides...wow what a deal! We were able to just walk up to any ride and not wait in line at all. The day was a lot of fun...and definitely one of the highlights was when John and Jacqui decided to try out the Fear Factor Live experience themselves. We showed up a little late so they were unable to sign up for the show itself, but they were able to get into the eating contest. So for this wonderful contest, they both had to eat a cupfull of blended up crickets, worms, ants, spoiled milk, dirt, sea creatures...gosh, you name it. But you know what...they both did it and beat the other team to walk away with a woooondeful prize of: a cup! Haha, all they got was a little cup that said they ate a bug. I guess the experience is what the true prize is! So that capped off our day there..

The next day was spent driving up to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Since we drove to Florida, we decided the best thing would be to get the most out of it. We stopped off in Mrytle Beach (where it happend to be biker week)...and no, not little bikes like I ride..the real bikes (Harleys n such). They were everywhere and took over the roads. It was pretty neat to see though. So we all went out to the beach, did a little body boarding, ate some gooood food and called it a night. The next day we spent a lot of time laying out at the ocean, playing frisbee, and just relaxing. It couldn't have been a better trip to celebrate graduation.

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