Saturday, January 12, 2008


Alright, sooooo its been a while, but I do have a good reason why I didnt update in just over a month. Sure I had lots of time because of being home for a few weeks now due to being on winter break, but I have not had much time to sit around. I went on a family cruise, did a ton of workouts, and of course was busy with the holiday season.

So of course I will start with an update about racing because that is usually all that I write about. So last weekend I ran in the S-no-w Fun Run out in Lake Geneva, WI. It was a 5 mile race held in the afternoon, and had some good competition for a fun run! I think a lot of runners go because of the fun after race party that this race puts on. Going into the race, I was a little nervous because I knew I would have to put together a solid race in order to win based on previous years results. I havent been doing too much speed work, mainly just getting in long miles of 10-14 milers at a slow pace. Or my runs consisted on running at an incline at a quick but not fast pace. Sooo, I figured I would not have too much speed work. Well the start was fast considering it was a steep downhill start. I went out conservatively, but still put myself into a decent position. By the first mile, I had moved up into the lead position. I with two others. Everyone else had dropped off the pace. I knew it was going to be tough for me to win because by the half way mark, my breathing had increased and my legs were burning. At three miles, one of the runners put in a big surge and I could not match it. So he pulled up ahead about 10 meters. The second place runner and myself continued to push eachother until about the 4.5 mile mark. At this point, there was a long hill and by the time I reached the top, I was wondering if I would have anything for the finish. Surprisingly, I was able to push hard the last half mile and make a slight gap with the third place runner. So I finished 2nd place overall about 15 seconds back of the winner. Finish time was 25:30 (5:06 pace). It was alright considering the lack of speed work and with pretty decent hills. Give me a few months and I should be dropping my time a lot more. I already have started to get some speed in with doing a 3 mile time trial yesterday. I went 14:52 by myself on a windy and cold day.

After the race, a pretty fun awards ceremony was held! The awards given out were for each I got a medal for the 23 year old age group. One of the highlights was watching the dance competition after the race. Next year I'm entering for sure and plan on winning. Just wait!

But that is about it for racing. I have just been training to get in the miles and plan on having a great season this coming year. My race schedule is just about I'll post that as soon as that is finished up with.

I also plan on redoing my main webpace at so check that out within the next 2 weeks or so. Should be pretty good!


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