Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Been a while....

Hey all,

So its been a while since my last update, but I decided I should make a little appearance to say what has been going on lately. First off.....I just finished up with a 2 week break from all workouts. It was really tough to do, and I actually laced up my running shoes a few times ready to go outside for a run, but then I had to convince myself that my body needs to rest in order to get ready for the winter training months. But I made it through the two weeks, and I just started up again with a few 45 minute runs the past 2 days. It felt absolutely amazing to get out and actually run. All I was doing was sitting on my butt eating junk food for two weeks. I probably gained about 10 pounds from the ice cream, candy, doughnuts, you name it! It was awesome doing that for a few days until I was feeling sick laying in bed from all the junk. I'm surprised I felt so good on my runs considering all the extra weight I'm carrying around. I'm not worried though, I am back to eating normally and now exercising so the weight should come off pretty quickly.

Other than that, this past weekend I headed out to Peoria, IL with the University of Illinois Triathlon Club team. We went to watch the high school state xc meet and then went over to a team building skills course. It was a lot of fun since I got to know the team a little better. I never really had a chance to meet any of them because I was always racing every weekend and was never around. It is a good group of people though and hopefully we'll be able to train together in order to get ready for Collegiate Nationals come April. It will be the first time that we send a team to nationals and I think that we can do a pretty decent job if we can train well and help eachother out these next few months.

Hmmmm...what else. School is going alright. I really need a break though so Thanksgiving and winter break are much needed. Its going to get really hectic with finals and end other end of the semester projects coming up. I am going to have to really be organized and set a schedule up for me to get everything in. Being a student and training for triathlons is not an easy task! But I wouldnt trade it for anything. Next semester is going to be great though considering I am done with class on Thursday at 9 am and then have no class on Fridays. So basically I will have a very long weekend each week. Its going to be needed since I will be doing a few early season races out of town. I'll need to leave on a Friday in order to get to the races. Speaking of which I put together a tentative schedule for next season. I wont be racing as much, but I think that when I do race, I'll be well prepared and ready to roll. Here is a look at the schedule:

February 24th- Desert Classic Duathlon - 3.5 mile run/21 mile bike/2.7 milerun (Arizona)

April 20th- USAT Collegiate Triathlon National Championships - InternationalTri (Alabama)

April 26th - Du Nationals (Virginia)

Early May race: Any suggestions???

May 20th - Florida 1/2 Ironman

June 22nd- Hy-Vee Triathlon - International Triathlon (Iowa)

July 12th - Lifetime Fitness Triathlon - International Triathlon Distance(Minnesota)

Late July/Early August race: Any suggestions??

August 24th- Chicago Triathlon - International Triathlon Distance (Illinois)

September 28th- Duathlon World Championships - International distance(Italy)

Nov - 1/2 Ironman World Champs (Florida) *If I qualify

And thats it! So if you have any suggestions for the races that I left open..please let me know!

Thats about all, I'll update soon. I'm taking the GRE this weekend for grad school so wish me luck.

To close out, here are some pics from Du Worlds...

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